Friday, April 25, 2008

Appeal for next bake idea

Strongly suspect I need my next dose of "bake" theraphy very soon.
As a token of appreciation for all my supporters and readers, I will let you decide what shall be my next bake.
So please let me know what do you next wish to see and you will be doing moi a big favour!

Chiffon Cakes Frenzy

Been so stressed up with deadlines @work recently that I really need a good "bake". Hence, went on a marathon baking session and churned out chiffon cake of 3 different flavours.
Testers: MIL, SIL, Father, Mother, Sister, SH and myself
Verdict: Pandan ~ Pass with merit
Orange ~ Pass with merit
Banana ~ Distinction!!! Yaay!!!
Thanks to all my family members for being so supportive and willingly sacrifice themselves to be my guinea pigs :)

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Orange Chiffon Cake

Banana Chiffon Cake

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blue Berry Cheesecake

Psst...tell you all a secret. Just found out that tomorrow is my staff's birthday. Shall make her favourite blue berry cheesecake and give her a surprise tomorrow. Do await this post for updates on the outcome of the cheesecake and her reaction tomorrow.

Blue Berry Cheesecake

My surprised staff and her birthday cake

Seafood Paella

Had been trying to find the opportunity to use the risotto rice and saffron bought from Spain during my honeymoon. The opportunity showed itself last evening when I finally got the chance to knock off from work on time. Because had initially thought that I need to work late, so have not been buying any groceries for the past few weeks. This dish of seafood paella was assembled based on whatever was available in my fridge: prawns, fish and mixed vegetables.
End verdict: the rice could be yellowier. Must add more saffron the next time (but the recipe says to add only a pinch of saffron what?!?!) Texture of the rice is just nice, neither too soft nor hard. Only complaint from SH is that the paella lacked the taste of shellfish, which I agreed. So when the next opportunity to prepare this dish arise, I shall make sure of the presence of mussels and clams. Run for your life my dear shell-mates the next time you see me in the supermarket!

Orange Butter Cake

Similar recipe to my marble butter cake. Replaced the cocoa powder with the zest of one large orange. Tasted even better than the marble butter cake. Sweet aroma of orange and butter plus melt-in-your mouth texture even after 2 days. SH and myself had this for our breakfast yesterday and today.
Recently, SH commented that I seemed to have put on weight since our wedding in January. Anxiously, I stepped on the weighing scales yesterday night and realised that I had indeed put on 2 kg in the past 4 months. My gosh! How to balance late night suppers of rich and sinfully delicious cakes with the forever rising weight demon? Must find a way to distribute the calories among my dear friends. Volunteers for my cakes anyone?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Past Week Achievements

Had a real busy past week due to my office deadlines. Not much time to cook/bake. Nevertheless, these are my achievements for the last week.

One-Dish Meal of pan-fried dory fish fillet, black pepper spaghetti and mixed vegetables. A combination of the all basic food groups of carbs, protein, good fats, and hopefully what's left of vitamins. Olive oil is used to drizzle over the spaghetti. I used Cointreau as a seasoning for the dory fish fillet. SH (aka DD) commented that it tastes quite good.

Butter-Marble Cake

The recipe for this cake comes from fellow blogger Rei. Very aromatic and rich taste of butter. Simply heavenly. Thank you Rei for sharing such a fail-proofed and delicious recipe.

PS: Just found out that DD in blogging terms = Dear Daughter. Some of you have been asking me if I have a daughter. Answer is no. My current status is that of a DINK. So from today onwards, DD shall become SH .